Real live post numero 1

Once upon a time there was a girl named Liz.  She had never had a blog before and had kind of been mulling over the idea of getting one for a long time. (Once she even started one, wrote one post, and then deleted it. The post. The blog. Everything.)  Then, Liz decided to take a grand adventure! She went on an escapade to Europe for 6 weeks. She fell in love with London. She made lots of great friends. She ate a lot of chocolate and ice cream. Then she came back.  She had missed home. And work. And lots of other good Utah stuff.

When she got home, reality greeted her in a most unfriendly manner, but Liz didn’t let that bother her for too long.  She hung out at home, got over a nice little cold, and her really cool younger brother Daniel (who already had a blog about his beehive) helped her make this little guy.  At the time, she thought it was a really great idea and was super incredibly excited about it.

Liz had great plans for what her blog would be.  This morning when Liz woke up, she remembered that she had started a blog. But she couldn’t remember what all of her great blogging ideas were. She didn’t think this was such a good idea any more.  What was Liz going to write about that people would actually want to read? Probably nothing. Was starting a blog actually a good idea? Maybe not.  Did any of that really matter?  Not so much.  Mostly, Liz just felt really cool that she had a BLOG.

So, the moral of the story is this: Liz has a blog. This is it.  What will Liz put on her blog? Who knows. I guess we’ll see.  There will probably be some cool adventures.  Maybe just some things Liz thinks about.  Maybe there will be some lists, because Liz loves lists. (Who doesn’t love a good list, really?)  Maybe Liz will even tell you about the 85 movies she’s going to watch so that she can be a little bit more pop-culturally literate.   Pretty much you should get excited becauseLiz’s blog is going to be awesome.

That’s all.


2 thoughts on “Real live post numero 1

  1. That was the best blog I have ever read in my life I wish I was like you and do cool stuff so I can write on your comment page

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