Can we just appreciate this for a second?

Today at work I was thinking about all the things I miss about London. That is a very long list, in case you were wondering.  Then I was wishing that I was still there.  But, I decided instead to make a list of things I don’t miss about London and love about good old Utah.

So, can we just appreciate for a few minutes how awesome the States actually are?

For example:

1. People (well, the majority of them) in the States wear deodorant. And sometimes other good smelling things.  Mmmmmm….

2.  You can get both hot water and cold water out of the sink faucet at once!    This is quite  feat.

3.  Air conditioning.  Living in the attic (91 stairs up)  in London is HOT! Air conditioning is so great.

4. Showers that you don’t have to push a button to keep the water running. Once you turn the water on, it is on.  I love this.  (As much as I did love racing to see if I could rinse the shampoo out of my hair before the water turned off again, having a continuous stream of water is super great.)

5. Light switches on the inside of bathrooms.  I like this. This way I don’t have to worry about tricksters flipping the lights off on me while I’m showering.

6. Having only ONE bed to sleep in rather than FOURTEEN.  Just some stability, you know?

7.  Not having to try to figure out which way traffic is coming from when I cross the street.  (Left and Right is hard enough for me, so to add cars coming from mixed up directions…it could have been disastrous!)

8.  No busses have nearly run over my feet.  I am very grateful for this. I still have my 10 toes, and I love those little guys!

9.  In Utah, there are not historic Cathedrals every way too often. And if there were I would not feel obligated to visit them.   I don’t like Cathedrals.  Or Abbeys.  They all look the same!

10.  No tippity bunk-bed ladders. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are definitely tippity bunk-bed ladders in the states.  But I don’t have to climb one to get into my bed, because I am not on the top bunk anymore! And also, I don’t have to worry about what I’m wearing when I climb up there (i.e. Skirts are dangerous ladder climbing apparel. Especially if your bottom-bunk-bed-mate is chatting with her family via Skype. Eek.)

11.  Having books to read! (Hostels are not the best source for a good book/did I have time to read for fun? No.)

12.  Salt and Pepper with every meal. Yum yum yum.

13.  Not living out of a suitcase/having more than 9 shirts to choose from.  I like this a lot.

14. Not seeing the phrase “Mushy Peas” on any menus.  (Doesn’t that just sound so appetizing? )

Isn’t America great?  (Even if it were just for these 14 reasons, America is pretty darn cool.) Yes! And can we please just appreciate the greatness?

That’s all.


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