Weather+food=the bombiest

So, I recently saw the movie Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (and by recently, I mean on an airplane ride across the Atlantic ocean.  Yes, I watched 4 1/2 movies that day. Disgusting.)  I absolutely adored that movie.  And I’m not even exaggerating.

First of all, let’s talk about how much I thought this book was awesome when I was littler. I mean, I still think it is ridiculously awesome. Like so awesome that I bought it off of my younger brother’s book order when I was in Junior High.  And yeah, I know that book and movie are completely different. But I still love them both.

Second of all, can we all just appreciate Sam, the weathergirl?  Can I be her when I grow up?  Remember how Liz wanted to be a meteorologist a few years ago?  Remember how awesome that was going to be? Until she learned how much Physics she’d have to learn. Then it wasn’t so awesome anymore. Sam is my hero. For lots of reasons. Number one: She has a ponytail. I love ponytails.  And she’s funny. And super smart,  but sometimes pretends not to be. And did I mention she’s a weathergirl?  Also, her favorite food is jello. I love that about her. And also I love jello.   And she’s a nerd. Except for the super smart part, I can totally relate to Sam. I think that is part of why I liked this movie. Sam. Wonderful. Sam is stinking AWESOME.  And plus, she totally gets the nerdy guy, who she is in love with, not just because there is no one else for her to love.  (Really, who doesn’t want to find a nerdy guy?)

Next.  Can we just appreciate the awesomeness that is Flint Lockwood? He is cute. And the nerd that every girl dreams of, right? Also, he just wants to help the world! How can you possibly not love a man with hair like that who has goals like those? You just can’t.  And the fact that he is so awkward around Sam makes him even more awesome.

So, not only are the characters loveable, but there is WEATHER and FOOD in this movie.  I love both of those things. Like a lot.  I mean, jello, come on! Best thing ever.  (Especially Orange. yum.)

Can we also talk about how awesome this movie would be in 3D?  I think I might die of excitement.  (Should probably avoid that….I don’t really want to die. Dang.) Who doesn’t want to be sitting in the middle of a pancake rainstorm? Or an ice cream snowball fight?

And also, I kind of really want this movie to be real life. I kind of would love that. A heck of a lot. Once again, I would die of excitement.  Free food would be so great–especially after I pay tuition (UGH!)–and have no money left. I may have to invent this machine just so I can eat next semester.

For reals though, that movie is just awesome. And I love it. So much.  I mean, it’s right up there with Mulan and Meet the Robinsons.  (I know, my favorite movies are rockin’!) But really.  In the end, they all just got to be themselves. That’s something I like in movies (as illustrated by my favorites. I sense a theme here…)  I absolutely love this movie and I think I could watch it a bazillion times. And maybe even by myself (also, really saying something.)

And yes: This little conversationing happens.

Sam Sparks: Can you keep a secret?
Flint Lockwood: No.
[awkward pause]
Flint Lockwood: But this time, sure. Yeah.
Sam Sparks: [sighs] Ok. It was a really long time ago but… I, too. was… a *nerd!*
Flint Lockwood: [blankly] Too?

Or this one:

Sam Sparks: [Holding spoonful of jello] It’s a solid, it’s a liquid, it’s a viscoelastic polymer made out of polypeptide chains but you eat it! I mean, it tastes good!

Yes. Yes. And Yes. I love this movie.  So much.  It is the BOMBIEST.


3 thoughts on “Weather+food=the bombiest

  1. Liz – I am SO glad you liked this movie. I thought it was adorable too! I think I would like someone to build me a house of jello. That would certainly prove their love 😉

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