ABC and 123 and lots of other important stuff too

School has started! Crazy beans! I feel like it just got out…yesterday….

I love my new classes.  I’m thinking so far that this semester is going to be kind of intense. Physical Science 100 at 8am.   Yes, I might be insane.  Also, if anyone knows where I can practice the piano at any time of the day on BYU campus, I would love to know.  Please.

For reals though, this semester might eat me. I have 2 ELANG classes (Usage and Semantics). Physical Science 100.  Doctrine and Covenants.  Piano.  And Grad School Prep/Career Strategies. 17ish hours of work per week.  (Which doesn’t sound like a lot, but it is.)  This.  Maybe this. Not to mention maybe sleeping or eating or having friends.

It’s weird to not have Spanish this semester.  I miss that.

Also, who let me grow up and be a JUNIOR in college? How did this happen? When did this happen? What am I supposed to do next?  That is craziness.  Someone should stop that. ASAP.

But here’s the thing: Today is September 1st.  This is what I would rather be doing:

Going to Hogwarts with Harry and the gang, of course! Happy September 1st!


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