No one likes a frowny face…

Let’s just say this hasn’t been my favorite week ever. And Thursday was kind of disastrous.  It was just one of those weeks where nothing was really going the way I planned, and things that weren’t so nice started to stack up.  Awesome, right?

Yesterday, I was kind of feeling  super blah.  I felt like I was feeling the way I always thought Harry Potter felt in the beginning of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, you know, when most of the people reading Harry Potter hate him. (crazy run-on sentence, sorry.)

Yeah, it was awful.  But then this awesome thing happened. Called this: I was sick of feeling blah and I wanted to smile.

So, I found some kind of funny jokes on the internet about bad days.   (Disclaimer: I don’t guarantee that all of them are funny or even appropriate, just so you know.)

Then, my brother and mom sent me this .  At first, I was very anti-it. Because of the whole Michael Jackson factor.  (Loooooooooooong story.)  But then I realized that it was kind of (a little bit) making fun of Michael Jackson, and it was kind of a lot awesome.  I even smiled through the whole thing! (I mean, who doesn’t love the Red Army singing Michael Jackson, right?)

Also, this song always makes me smile. It is ridiculously awesome, if you ask me.

So, yeah. If you need to smile, there you go. And also, it’s Friday. And September. And life is good again.  🙂


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