Little, little, little

So, I’m tempted to write another bathroom post. (I don’t know why all of my observations are about the bathroom.)   I won’t.  Maybe I’ll just give you a little taste of my bathroom observations for the week.

1.       Do not talk on your cell phone while you are in a bathroom stall. That is just plain weird.

2.        Do not sing in the bathroom. Even though it may have terrific acoustics, it is also kind of weird.

3.       Do not let 3-year-olds use the bathroom by themselves if they are being potty-trained. Especially not if they are playing in the basement by themselves.  They may or may not fall into the toilet.

In other news, it’s October! Holy Cow! For reals, I can’t believe that October is already here.  I love October.  And Fall. But not this rain stuff. I do not really enjoy rain. Especially not if I have to walk to class in the rain.  I do enjoy rain if I can stay in my house, eat chicken noodle soup or some other warm soup concoction and read a book.

And guess what? Since it is October, that means that my favorite book ever “To Kill a Mockingbird” turns 50 years old! That is crazy, but not really. Sometimes I forget that things can be older than my lifetime.  Fall is such a perfect time to read TKM.  I don’t really know why, it just is one of those things.

But, I ramble on.

I have recently decided that I want to be little again. Yeah, there are some perks to being 20 and 11/12, but not really that many.  I mean, I can drive. Go to London.  Have crazy great adventures. Stay up as late as I want to.

Going home this last weekend for this made me wish I were little still.  My younger brothers are almost  bigger than I am.  My dog is turning gray in pieces.  My sister is so grown up.  Everything is so changed. I do not enjoy this.

Being little was a gazillion times cooler. I could watch movies or read books without feeling guilty about not studying. Money was not an issue because I didn’t have things to buy.  There were no decisions to make, other than how to comb my hair for school or if I should watch Arthur or Bill Nye.  The biggest problem in my life was my younger brothers teasing me.  I didn’t have to decide what to eat/what I could afford to eat. There was responsibility, but it was not the kind grown-ups have.  I looked forward to the day I could drive a car. I dreamed of being a cashier at McDonalds or an artist. (I aimed for the stars, didn’t I?)

Being little was great.  I mean, come on. Who doesn’t miss recess?  Snacktime?  Legos?  Barbies?  Pretending?  School lunch (and the chocolate milk!)?  Riding the bus?  Running barefoot through the street during summer (and it being socially acceptable)?

Oh the good old days.  I miss them.


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