Someone’s in the kitchen with dinaaaaaah

I just dumped way too much pepper into my rice.  Dumped is not an overstatement. At all.

I opened the wrong side, poured, and stirred. It looked like it was pretty evenly mixed and a nice pepper to rice ratio.

The lighting in my kitchen must be terrible.

My mouth is on fire and my nose is running.

So much for a nice mild dinner.


2 thoughts on “Someone’s in the kitchen with dinaaaaaah

  1. Lizzy, word of advice,

    When making food, use crushed red pepper rather than black pepper (Unless you are making eggs, then use both). Using crushed red pepper makes you live about twenty five years longer.

    Also, I have heard from some very reliable sources (Tanner) that drinking the Fizz energy drinks make you die at fifty. Just thought I’d warn you.


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