In celebration

My birthday is coming up.  I hate to think about it, but this year I will turn 21.  That is kind of crazy to me.  How did that  happen? I do not even know.

Anyway, in order to make the most of my last little while as a not-adult, I have been trying to do something cool every day to make my life at least seem cool.

Since last Monday here is what I have done:

Monday: I donated blood! I love doing that a lot.  Really and truly. This time I even looked at the needle that was stuck in my arm. Plus, I got a free t-shirt and some juice.  That’s really why I do it, you know.  But, I think the coolest part of the whole thing was that I gave them a pint in 7 minutes. That is pretty fast, if you ask me. 🙂

Tuesday: I failed a test. Like for reals. Ok, moving on.

Wednesday:  I got another Free T-shirt! (Are you keeping track of how many free t-shirts I’m up to? That’s 2.)

Thursday: I got my AWESOME LIBRARY T-SHIRT. Seriously, I love it.  (3.)  Also, Kelsey and I made Halloween greeting cards. Her’s are real art, and mine are like this:

Let’s remember that I do better with words than with art, so crayon words are really nice for me. 🙂

Then last night.  Oh Friday nights.

Friday: Kelsey and I tried out this little place. It was delicious! And, we had coupons that made us feel like couponladies, but we got good deals, so it was totally worth it.  And then we took our food up to Rock Canyon. And Kelsey taught me how to shoot. Yeah. I shot a BB gun, but still!

I only shot once because I was loving the colors of the canyon so much, but Kelsey is professional! It was super fun! And, everything up there was super super pretty right now.  Fall is my favorite season of all time, and last night was perfect picture taking time.  Well, actually we probably missed the really pretty stuff a few weeks ago, but who cares?

See, aren’t those nice?

Also, on our way out of Rock Canyon we ran into a little group of 11/12ish-year-old scouts going on a campout. One scout said to the other, after noting that we had a gun, “I didn’t know girls could shoot.” The scout he said that to replied, “All girls can shoot.”  (Obviously, right?)

Then, a different scout said to Kelsey, “Nice 22.”  Good thing it was a BB gun.  🙂

Then, we came home and watched a really really awful movie.  Have you heard of the movie The Clique.  More or less, it’s a junior high drama about a clique (obviously) of some really really mean seventh graders.  Awful.

And then, we tried to watch North and South, because I’d heard from a billion people that it was awesome. Well, Netflix has it divided into 4 episodes since it’s a billion years long. So, we watched one episode. Then when we got ready to start another episode, we realized we had watched the fourth and final episode! Hilarious! I can now say I know how that movie ends without watching much of it. (Also, it explains why we were very confused as to what was going on.) Awesome.  🙂

So, that is how I’ve celebrated. Kind of awesome, right?  Yes. I think so.

P.S.  BYU won today.  Still kind of a disappointment as a football team.


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