Happy Halloween!

I’m pretty sure this is the most original post I’ve ever done. I mean, seriously, who ever would think to do a post about a holiday on the actual holiday?  I bet no one else in the world is doing this sort of thing today.

Halloween has always been a holiday I liked.  When your birthday is one day after a holiday, that holiday is just going to be one you like. Plus, in my head, Halloween kind of kicks off the holiday season.  I mean, next month is Thanksgiving. Then the end of the semester! Then Christmas. Then New Year’s. And besides, Halloween candy is delightful.

This year Halloween was kind of awesome.  Kelsey and I dressed up, and we were adorable, if I do say so myself.

See, we are adorable!

On Friday night, our ward had a pretty awesome dance party in the parking garage of the boys’ building in our ward.  Then we hit up another dance party, with our stake from last year. Good times, all around. On Saturday night, my friend Audrey had a rocking cool Halloween party with BLACK LIGHTS! And we all got to write on a poster with highlighters!  Super cool!

I think my favorite part of Halloween is the little kids.   Kelsey and I went and visited my Grandma. Then my little cousins. My cousin Brianna had already finished her trick or treating, but she told us all about it.  She dressed up as a bat, her little brother Parker was Batman.

Brianna told me that her older sister Megan was …” One of those girls who says Polar Bears.”  WHAT?  (Megan was an eskimo.)

Then, Brianna went right to her candy to start telling me about that. Out of the blue, she asked us why Smarties were called Smarties. So, we of course told her that they make you smarter. She comes back, “No, wait! There’s a joke on here! Why are Smarties called Smarties?  Because they don’t make you smart.”

Brianna is great.

Also, I don’t really like the scary part of Halloween.  Just not really my favorite. But the rest of it is so great. I kind of really love it. So much about it is just so fun.

Halloween is so great.

Happy Halloween!



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