Bathrooms and soulmates, take 2

Coming to you live (or at least this story was live from there…)  from the first floor women’s bathroom of the good old HBLL, I bring you the story of the inspirational stall.

Many hours ago, in a facility for higher learning, there was a bathroom. The same bathroom that had been mentioned previously as the location of meeting a soul-mate.  And other similar occurrences.

Well, today as I entered this bathroom, trying to kill a little bit of time at work, I entered the stall second from the right (I know, you wanted details.) And I found an inspirational post it note.  Inspirational Post-it note sighting.  I was thrilled that no one was in the restroom, because I started cracking up.  It wasn’t a funny note at all.  But I was laughing.  All it said was: You are beautiful. You are a daughter of God. SHOW IT.

It was one of those times where I wished I had had my camera to take a picture of this super rare species.  But, on the other hand, that would have been pretty awkward for you all. A photo from inside of a closed bathroom stall.  Awkward.  Just a tad.

Also. Last night at Smith’s, Kelsey and I found my soul-mate. He was exclaiming about the massive cereal sale they are having at Smith’s.  Lucky Charms for just $1.50 when you buy 4 boxes.  Whoa. He’s perfect, right?  Then he and his roommate (I’m assuming they were roommates, because they were shopping together…) had a discussion about how they should choose some healthy cereal too. It was too good to be true.

And I was openly laughing at them on the cereal aisle.  When I should have been capitalizing on true love. What a shame.


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