Life would be a dream come true

There are a few plans in my life that I can’t seem to let go of.  Of course, they all involve when I grow up.  (Good thing that hasn’t happened yet. 🙂  )  And, I am very excited about them.

Grand Plan # 1

Have adorable pets.

Namely Pigs.  Ducklings.  Hedgehogs. Maybe a chicken.Probably a dog.

How cute would that be?  So great, right?  My only concern is that my hedgehog and pig won’t be friends and then we’ll have a Homeward Bound moment on our hands. You know, the one where Chance gets the porcupine quills stuck in his nose?  Poor guy.

Won’t that just be great?  I definitely have some names picked out for my pig friends already.  Hubert, Sherman, or Luella Mae.  Perfect.  And I feel like the dog should be named Clarence. I’m up for name suggestions for the hedgehog though.

Life dream #2.

Children’s librarianism

Yeah, that’s a real thing.  First of all, wouldn’t I be a great librarian?  I mean, Liz the librarian has a nice ring to it. Or librarian Liz. Your call.  Second of all, story time is the greatest thing ever.  Crafts. Treats. Different voices for different characters.  Dramatic readings. So fun.  Third, my mini-petting zoo could come to the library! Would you not love to come to story time with Luella Mae the pig?  (Even if that doesn’t happen, that’s a children’s book in the works!)

Big goal #3

I kinda want to write/have published a real actual children’s book.  Or something. Maybe just a coloring book story. That would be good times.I just kind of think I have enough crazy ideas floating around in my head that I should at least TRY to use them for something.

Random aspiration #4

I really (for some crazy reason) want to paint a whole entire room a beautiful color and then make matching curtains.  I mean, if I have a pig, hedgehog, duck, chicken, and dog, I should have a quaint, colorful house with a picket fence around it, don’t you think?


I want to learn to play a real accordion. Bet you didn’t see that one coming!


To conclude, it looks like I might be crazy. You don’t even have to be my friend any more if you don’t want.   But, seriously, aren’t those some great goals I’ve got?



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