Feasting Traditions

Traditionally on Thanksgiving, my family eats lots of food.  I bet your family does too.  If not, feel free to come eat with mine next year.  Really.

This year’s Thanksgiving was no exception. But before we got to the food, we had some technical difficulties we had to work out.  Namely, how to set up the tables to fit 21 people in one room.

21 people is an odd number.  And one of those 21 has to sit in a high chair. That just complicates things completely.

Logic problem time: You have 21 people coming for dinner. One Grandma, her four daughters and their husbands, and the 10 grand-kids plus one girlfriend.  You have to arrange the tables in a way that everyone in similar age groups can sit together.  Good luck with that.

How many tables does it take to set up the ideal setting? Well, with our luck, it took moving 4 tables to finally decide we wanted 2.  In a T shape. Yeah, we’re not geometrically minded in my family.

At first, I thought the T idea was a great one, especially since I thought of it.

But then, when I had to execute it by seating the 1o grand-kids + 1 girlfriend at the T shaped table and I realized how awkward it was since I was sitting between my younger brother (who happened, for some unknown reason, to be grumpier than a pig giving birth) and my crazy 6- year-old cousin, who after eating only vegetables for her Thanksgiving dinner (that’s weird, right?),  crawled under the table and drew pictures of my grumpy brother’s leg.  Yeah. My family is crazy.

Not the ideal seat for good dinner conversation.

Sitting at the kids’ table after 21 years. Still. Probably will be ’til I’m 60. Maybe if I’m lucky, once I graduate from college they’ll let me graduate from the kids’ table. But really, it’s hard to say.

So, if you need a place to go next year, you can come with me! And they’ll probably let you sit with the other adults. I might be kind of jealous. Kind of a lot jealous.

But, even without good conversation (or conversation at all, for that matter)  dinner was delicious!  Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes,  peas, salad, jello,  noodles, gravy,  rolls, sweet potatoes, and an assorted veggie tray. Pumpkin pie, Apple pie, and ice cream.  Yum. Yum. Yum.

And then the famous people game. Yeah, my uncle doesn’t know anything about Harry Potter.  My little brother thinks that Ben Franklin invented the lightbulb.  And Captain Hook Stub is the captain of the Loveboat.  Oh good times.

I love Thanksgiving for so many reasons!

So. Happy Thanksgiving from all of us over at the the kids’ table!



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