That’s a Christmas Miracle! And other Liz phrases

As an English Language major, I love me some words. (Bet you already knew that.)

But, sometimes the things I say are not (or should not be)  real things.  And sometimes they are, just not in the way I’m using them.

For example.  Last Christmas, I integrated the phrase “That’s a Christmas miracle!” into my life. While that doesn’t seem so strange around Christmas time, come April, Christmas miracles have gotten a little old.  But here’s the thing:  Christmas miracles were a big deal to me last Christmas.  Because, you see, I nearly ruined Christmas. Twice. Don’t worry, it all worked out!

First off, I was responsible to make some of the desserts for my family Christmas party.  Specifically, Lemon and Lime bars.  So, to prepare effectively, I made them on Christmas Eve morning. You know, so they could cool and be all done and life would just be grand.  Well, I just set them on the counter, not really thinking too much about it.  And guess what? You’re supposed to refrigerate lemon and lime bars after baking them. By the time we realized this, the delectable desserts had already sat on the counter for 25(or more) hours.  So, into the trash they went.  That was Christmas disaster numero uno.  (Because what else could I do on Christmas morning? No stores were open for me to go buy ANYTHING.)

Christmas disaster number 2 happened within the hour.  I went to put something on the bookshelf behind our Christmas tree.  On my way in, I nearly knocked over the tree. (Eeek!)  On my way out, I nearly knocked the tree over again.  It was bad news.

Slowly and surely, I was convinced, I was turning into the Grinch.

No worries though! This is where the 3 miracles of Christmas come into play. (Insert Dramatic superhero music here.)

Just as I thought hope was lost regarding the salmonella-infested desserts (or whatever weird things they had in them…)  I remembered that we had some frozen scotcheroos in our freezer.  Christmas Miracle #1!

Then, a bit later, being the festive girl that I am, I logged onto Facebook to wish all of my friends Merry Christmas. As I was just adding the finishing exclamation marks to my status, a good friend of mine popped up and started talking to me in the little chat window. I stopped breathing for a bit–this friend was supposed to be on a mission! –and I didn’t really know how kosher it was for missionaries to talk to girls on facebook, even if it was Christmas.  It turns out, he had been trying to get a hold of his family, but it was NOT EVEN WORKING! So, he was wondering if I could just run down the street and tell them to call him. Which, of course, I did.  Christmas Miracle #2!

See, it all evened out in the end!

Christmas miracles are now just any great things that happen–especially if they’re surprises.

Sometimes, I like to make up words.  And it usually happens if a. I forget to think before I talk, or b. I start talking way faster than I can think, or c. start thinking way faster than I can talk. My words like to jumble. That’s how you get great words like “approveful”, “tragical” (I think that one is actually real!), and lots of other great things. But sometimes, it’s just to have some fun. Then you get the real treasures: tragickify, disfortunate, those sorts of words.

And idioms. Oh gosh. Sometimes I just get sick of the already existing idioms. Why say, “Go jump off a cliff!”, when you could say, “Go stick your head in a pillowcase!”, “Go lick a rock!”, or “Go jump off the SWKT!”?  And, it makes things way more fun to compare.  For example, on Thanksgiving, my little brother was “grumpier than a cow giving birth”.  (Wouldn’t you be grumpy if you were giving birth to a calf?)

I think the point is: I’m crazy.  I love my words, and I kind of plan to keep mixing it up like that…hope you don’t mind.


3 thoughts on “That’s a Christmas Miracle! And other Liz phrases

  1. That was interesting about the Christmas miracle what are you trying to do about that I can’t wait for this christmas season and by the way I watch the holiday special of Sonny with a chance today it was awesome to see them sing again Great blog post!

  2. Hey, I have this really good friend named Tanner, and he is always saying something along the lines of GO “SUCK A LEMON!!” You and him should be friends or something.

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