Peaches at the Bellagio

Sometimes weird things happen to me.  Like it’s creepy weird, not like I trip and find money. (That would be weird. But so cool!)  But not SOOOOOOOOO creepy weird, like a strange man followed me home from the library.

No. Not those kinds of weird. Weird like sometimes I have creepy magical powers.  I now. That sounds dumb. Lame. Impossible. But, sometimes they’re real.

Example numero 1: I just ate lunch. For lunch I had leftover vegetable soup and a little cup of peaches. You know those plastic cups of peaches?  I love those little guys.  But today, as I opened it, I thought to myself: Hey self, be careful, sometimes these little plastic cup guys like to shoot things at you.  Like pudding, jello, yogurt, or peach juice.  Self, you got to be careful.

But then, real Liz piped in:  That’s not going to happen. It rarely does. Also, in the rare occasion that it does,  you are sitting far enough away from the peaches for the juice not to splash on you.

Well, guess what happened! Those peaches spit juice everywhere.  Just like the fountains at the Bellagio.  Peach juice splashed all over my pants.  And I mean all over.  I was so wet, I had to go change my clothes.

Awesome, right?

Other times, it’s not as violent of things, but still crazy cool mind powers. Like, sometimes I’ll think about one of my friends or someone, but I’m at work or at church or somewhere where my phone isn’t. And I’ll decide to call or text or send a little note to whomever I was just thinking about. But when I get home to do that, they’ve already called or texted or sent me a little note. Weird, right?

Crazy.  I need to stop doing that. It freaks me out.

Happy Finals week!


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