The Crocheted Head

My mom is cool.  And guess what? She is crafty! Not like sneaky crafty–artsy crafty.

Something that she is real good at is crocheting.  I mean real good.

For Christmas this year, she started a little side-business. She made a whole bunch of those cool crocheted headbands, hats, scarves, and little flower doodahs! And, if I do say so myself, they are real adorable. Like, everyone should want to wear one on their head adorable.

But here’s the really great news: She wants to make more. And she wants people to buy them from her! So, this is your chance!  You can buy these things for you, for a friend, for your baby niece, or for pretty much anyone you know who wants to be fashionable!

And her prices are good too!

Hats are $12.

Headbands are $10.

Scarves are $18.50.

Flower doodah clips are $5.

You get to choose the color of the yarn and the flowers that get stuck on the headband or hat (or if you even want a flower!) There are lots of great patterns and colors to choose from!

So, here’s your chance people! These things make great gifts, great fashion statements, and great warm things!  If you want to buy one, or just hear more about them, just leave a comment right here or send me an email ( and we’ll help you out!

Also, check out her facebook page for some pictures!  Just search for “The Crocheted Head” on facebook.  Did I mention there were pictures of some of her handicrafts?


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