Musical moment

Today I have the song Faith of our Fathers stuck in my head. It’s a church song, (LDS hymn #84, in case you were wondering.) All day long.  At home. At school. At play. At work, too.

While it’s not a bad song to have stuck in my head, I definitely have  a problem with it being stuck up there.

Here’s the problem: I don’t actually know the words to the song.

So, I get stuck. And when I get stuck, I, for some reason, insert some other, very obviously wrong, lyrics.

So, my version of the chorus of this song goes like this:

“Faith of our fathers, freely given (sometimes given is alternated with the word spilt).”  And then I jump to some Harry Potter book (Goblet of Fire, I think…. )where Voldemort is asking for someone’s blood or arm or soul or something (obviously, that isn’t my favorite Harry Potter moment). Problematic? Slightly

So, for now anyway, I associate those 2 things together. Awesome.

I hope we never sing that song in church.


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