Junior Primary

I love primary.

Junior primary is my favorite.

Since my mom is the junior primary chorister, when I go home I like to go hang out with her in primary.  Last week, I got to be the visiting lyricist. Yeah, I’m that cool. Over Christmas break, I got to see the new little sunbeams come in, and boy, are the 3 of them adorable.

Last Sunday, my good friend Zach (he’s 5)  was drawing a picture of his favorite scripture story.  He told me his favorite story was about Nephi.  And lots of blood.  I’m pretty sure he didn’t actually know the story of Nephi, he had just heard of him. So he drew lots of blood.  A big big big picture of blood. Got to love those 5-year-old boys.

A few minutes later Zach and his brother were both laying on the floor at my feet telling me they were dead.  Great. Dead kids in primary.  Just what every primary visitor wants to see.

Also, from primary I got to hear this question:  How did the people that Nephi tricked into giving him the plates not recognize him? I mean, didn’t Laban’s clothes have blood all over them? Or did Nephi undress him first?  Awkward.

During singing time, my mom passed out little hearts on straws that the kids were supposed to hold up when they heard certain words.

Got to love gimmicks.

Well, the kids sure did. And the the straws turned into swords. And I got poked by them a billion times. Thanks mom, Thanks.

Junior Primary is great. One of my favorite things ever.



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