Punctuation still matters

My Editing 350 class teaches me lots of important things.

1.  School can be like primary.
(Yeah, that’s what happens when Brother Gardner is your teacher after having worked at the Ensign forever.)

2. Computers are challenging for lots of people.  (Teachers and students alike…)

3. Punctuation is super important.  Remember when we learned about cannibalism from commas?  Well, today it’s the difference between David and Goliath.  And hyphens.

One of these words is illustrating David and the other is Goliath. Can you guess which?

Giant-killer and Giant Killer

Do you have your guesses yet?

Okay. Fine, I’ll tell you.

The Giant-killer is David. And the Giant Killer is Goliath. Sneaky how that hyphen works, huh?

One of these organizations is pro children and the other is not so much.  If you didn’t know which one was which you could get yourself into a very sticky situation if you dropped your kid off there.

Which is which?

anti-child-abuse center or anti-child abuse center?

See the importance here?

Punctuation does matter. In case you didn’t know.


4 thoughts on “Punctuation still matters

  1. Haha. That is funny. Not that punctuation matters. Totally not funny. But the last one about Anti-child Abuse Center. Too funny. My dad was an English teacher, so believe me, I get the whole punctuation thing.

  2. Ha, I remember these classes. Hyphens are indeed sneaky little things. I definitely have a love/hate relationship with them.

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