Pretty much, the coolest Saturday night EVER

So, normally I don’t like to blog about events that happen in my life. Really and truly. Maybe snippets of my day, or one funny thing. Or a bunch of funny things. But usually they tie to something else.

Not this one.

This event is called “How I spent my Saturday night because I am soooooooooo cool”.

Or maybe because I am not so cool. Depends on how you look at it.

Well, let me tell you what I did. And why it was cool. Things to keep in mind: I have four roommates. I was the only one home. I don’t have a car.  And it was dark and cold outside. I don’t actually know why that last one applies….

After I visited my grandma yesterday, I came home,  just in time for dinner, to an empty apartment.  Awesome, right? Not so much. Sometimes an empty apartment is fun. But not as often as my apartment is empty.

So, I ate my mac and cheese, and decided to make some chocolate covered pretzels.

Those guys were delicious. Which leads me to lesson number one of last night: I am way to impatient to make chocolate covered pretzels.  The fact that you have to wait for the chocolate to de-goo-ify nearly killed me.  Guess what? I ended up not waiting for the de-goo-ifying. I just ate them all melty and gooey.  Well, not all of them.

Then, I worked on some stuff.  Indexing.  Folding my laundry (sidenote a. I used to HATE folding laundry. A lot.  But now I kind of like it.  It’s making my bed that I know kind of hate.)  Writing out the English phonetic alphabet and how you’d recognize each sound. (Who can tell me what a voice bilabial stop is?)  Revised.  Researched. Ate some more pretzels. read the lines I have for our production of Othello out loud. (p.s. I kind of really do not enjoy being Iago. But hey, whatever. Maybe I can be evil…..)

You know, the important stuff.

Then I watched Enchanted. I love that movie. Kind of really a lot.  And the best part was I could sing along! No one could judge my singing/lack of word knowing.

But really, the exciting part was that I actually watched a whole movie by myself. Most of the time, I really really really don’t like doing that.  I’m just weird that way.  But last night I really liked it. Good plan.

See, aren’t I cool? Are you kind of a little bit jealous because your Saturday night was not quite as full of awesomeness as mine was?

(If you are for reals jealous, which I hope no one is, just call me next weekend. I think we can work something out. )

P.S. Happy Superbowl Sunday!/ Happy Puppybowl Sunday!


4 thoughts on “Pretty much, the coolest Saturday night EVER

  1. I’m pretty sure my Saturday was just as cool as yours. I went to my Asian friends Chinese New Years party! We ate lots and lots and lots and lots of homemade potstickers. Which were really good! Then we ate some weird potatoes with fish and pork and possibly cat in it (It was mentioned but we couldn’t decide if it was cat-fish or just cat). Then we watched Kung-fu Panda. Which was awesome!! Then we ate some more potstickers. But your weekend was pretty cool too.


  2. Seriously Liz, sometimes those are the best Saturday nights ever. I really am jealous. And sometimes it’s just awesome to be by yourself and have no constraints on your time. You actually get to choose what YOU want to do!

    love ya.

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