Oh what do you do in the wintertime, when all the world is blah

Once upon a time, I had some roommates point out to me that I had zero hobbies. In fact, this has been pointed out more than once.  Not really the nicest thing for roommates to do, but they did much worse things to me also, so this is justifiable.

Another set of roommates told me I had grandma hobbies. I find that offensive. Turns out being a grammarian ranked right up there with loom knitting. False. Statement.

Usually, I would just try and fight these claims with this statement: “I go to college. I am taking 15 credits. I am working at a job 12 hours a week. I have homework. I have church stuff. When do I have time for hobbies?”

Surprisingly, that response never seemed good enough.  For a little while, I was super self-conscious about anything I did. None of my hobbies were normal, it seemed, according to my roommates.

This semester, I realized how wrong they were. And maybe still are. Somehow this semester, even though I’m taking 15 credits and working on campus, I seem to have a bit of free time. Like a big bit.

So, I’ve been trying to fill my time sometimes. Luckily for me, I have many options.

My hobbies are awesome. I have decided this. So guess what that means: It doesn’t matter what you think of them.

Confession #1. I like books. I like reading them. A lot. This semester I read Matched by Ally Condie. Kind of awesome, and there’s more coming from her soon, so hop on that dystopian bandwagon. I also tried to read The Winter of our Discontent. Bad choice. Normally, I love John Steinbeck, but this book was too sad for me right now, so I gave up 100 pages in.  Lame? Maybe.

Confession #2.  I like picture books. And I just wrote one. What????? Yeah, that’s my real life.  To be submitted to an editor near you soon. (Hopefully he/she ‘ll like it as much as I do.)

Confession #3. Familysearchindexing.org. My favorite thing currently. Fortunately for me, my stake is having a major competition right now. Yeah, it’s awesome. Except for today, I have indexed everyday since January 30. That’s not a ton, but I feel like pretty good progress.  I would have done it today too, but the site is going down in 15 minutes, and 15 minutes is not nearly long enough to index a batch of names.

Confession #4. I think homework can count as a hobby sometimes, just because it can be a little bit fun when it’s for my major. (Insert many people mocking me here.)  Not all the time though. Especially not if it’s my phonology and phonetics homework. That stuff is beastly.  Just ask anyone taking the class.

I think those are all my confessions for the night. But see, I am pretty cool….maybe. And I do actually have hobbies.  Take that ex-roommates!



2 thoughts on “Oh what do you do in the wintertime, when all the world is blah

  1. Can I count writing lesson plans, driving to the middle school, and planning singing time as hobbies? Because if I can, wow, I really know how to fill my free time.
    And by the way, I hope that was the right use of commas.

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