Goooooooo Cougars!!!!!

Lately, I’ve been thinking.  And here is what I have decided: BYU is a weird place.

(Cue offended Mormons.)

Don’t get me wrong. I love it here. I’m grateful to be here, really and truly. But, when you get that many Mormons in one place, things get a little crazy.

For example.  In the past couple of weeks, we’ve all had just about anything and everything Jimmered. I’m sure most of you heard about Michelle Peralta and the letter to the editor.  Campus went crazy.  You had everything: downright sacrilege to hilarity.  It was fun, and it gave us something to care about during the dreary months of February. (Note: Sometimes people here get a little self-righteous. Just remember that.)

A few weeks later, someone wrote into the Daily Universe (our on-campus newspaper, for those of you who aren’t from Utah county)  and said that people at BYU need to stop getting married out of boredom. WHAT?!?!?!? (See the complete article here.) Seeing as I’m not married, I had no idea people were getting married strictly because they were bored. Obviously, if that logic holds true, I just have to wait and get super bored….then watch for Prince Charming. (How’s that sound for a great little plan?)

See what I mean, this place is weird. There’s a whole facebook page devoted to strange things people “Overheard at BYU”. That is full of winners.  People here just say crazy things. Or people here just notice the crazy things people say. If that’s the case, we’re creepy.

Don’t get  me wrong, BYU has a lot of great qualities too. I mean, what other school (besides the Amish, maybe) can boast that they are stone cold sober, year after year? Not many.  Apparently, we’re ranked the most popular college in the US.  And for the most part, everyone is real nice.

But some of the things we do are just weird.  I mean, ward menus, 80s-themed dances to celebrate Black History Month, giant water balloon fights, and random library dance parties?

Yeah. That’s BYU for you.



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