Conspiracy Nicole

I’m sorry. I keep writing these things about bathrooms.  It’s just that I like the simple things about life, I guess.

Here we go. This is a weird thing about me. If you are not prepared to learn strange secrets about me, you probably don’t want to read the rest of this.

When you go into the bathroom in the Harold B. Lee library, you notice things.  Like this: one of the stalls has a ventilation tunnel (for lack of a better description) above it. Like directly above it.

I’ve always wondered if those are really ventilation tunnels or something more secret. I mean, it’s not like BYU doesn’t have a top-secret underground system.  Rumor has it that it connects to the Salt Lake Temple. And Hogwarts.  BYU is that cool.

I mean, I’ve probably just watched too many Psych episodes or seen one too many local news stories (and by one too many, I mean one) where the criminal escapes through that very same vent.

What if there are criminals hiding out in BYU’s secret tunnel/ventilation system living off of the emergency survival supplies BYU stashes (I’m not kidding about the stashed goods. BYU is prepared.) for the natural disasters that could happen any day now?

What am I supposed to do if I see someone in that vent? Who is going to believe me?  And how the heck are they supposed to find the criminal with all of the extensive tunnels at BYU?

This is a real issue, people!

Secondly, someone needs to invent a waterproof dry-erase board (that’s kind of an oxymoronic name…) . I can’t be the only one who gets their best ideas in the shower. It’s a rough life.  You can’t use paper. It gets soggy. With computers and cell phones there’s a risk of electrocution. Or just a broken computer or cell phone. Seriously, someone creative out there: Invent this. I will buy it!

And those are my thoughts on bathrooms. Anyone got anything to add?


P.S. Aren’t the Cougars doing great? I’m loving it! Sweet 16 here we come!



One thought on “Conspiracy Nicole

  1. Hahaha! I’ve thought about the same thing. Mostly I’m just concerned that someone is watching me go to the bathroom and could attack me while I’m most vulnerable.

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