The Birds

Once upon a time a girl named Liz moved into a beautiful condo near BYU.  (Since she went to school there and all, it was obviously a good choice on her part.) Liz loved her condo. She had great roommates, great couches, a great ward, a great view of her parking lot, and many, many other wonderful perks.

In short, Liz loved it.

However,there was just one teeny problem.


Liz had some friendly neighbor birds. (Probably house sparrows…if that’s a real thing?) They came and visited her by her window several times daily.  Liz loved those birds. The birds were adorable, just like the ones in Beauty and the Beast that eat out of the Beast’s paw–only not animated.

However, sometimes the birds scared Liz.  Like when, at the end of the day they’d come crashing onto her window screen.  Those bangs always made Liz jump.

One weekend, when Liz was home alone, she noticed a scratching and shuffling and pecking sound coming from her wall.

She realized that the birds who had been her dear friends were living within her walls. That freaked her out. All night long, she dreamt that those birds pecked right through her wall and were flying around her room.

That was scary. A lot scary.

So, a few days later, her landlord sent Liz an email, answering some questions Liz and her roommate Kelsey had asked. And the landlord said that if there were any problems, to let her know soon.

So Liz and Kelsey sent back an email telling their landlord about the birds.  The landlord was real nice and said she’d fix that.

Then, finals week happened. Liz heard the birds every now and again, but wasn’t too concerned. Until Tuesday. On Tuesday, Liz came home from her Othello performance and the screen was taken out of her window. And there was a man vacuuming all the nest out of the space between the wall and the siding.

Liz was very excited to see this miracle in her life. The birds would no longer haunt her as she sat in her room studying.

Then, as she sat there doing her final homework assignment of the semester, she saw the darling little birds come back. They tried to get into their house, but it was shut off. They had been evicted–and they were searching for the key to the changed locks. No luck.

Then Liz felt sad for the homeless birds. Real sad. There they were, just flying around, jumping around on her windowsill,  helplessly trying to find their home. No luck. Their home was blocked off forever.

It was a great tragedy.

But, chances are, it’s probably better to have evicted birds than have them flying around a bedroom pecking out people’s eyes. Just saying.


2 thoughts on “The Birds

  1. Well, according to the title it went more like this. Birds, friendly, blah blah, than Lizzy woke up from her dream and the birds really were flying around the room. After trying to get out the bird peck her and tear her hair out. Luckily for her, she makes it out alive and drives her car through a huge sleeping flock of man eating birds. Yep, that would make a great movie, but your version is good too…

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