Mi madre: The coolest thing since sliced bread…well, maybe

I caved, I know. But it’s mother’s day, so why not, right?

My mom is cool.  In fact, she is pretty much the coolest mom  I know.  Don’t even try to argue with me.

My mom does cool things.  She teaches preschool (which also makes her brave), makes adorable crocheted hats and flowers, sews costumes for the musicals that my little brothers are in at the junior high, AND she quilts.

My mom tells me cool things. Words like ‘aus’ (short for awesome), ‘froyo’,’hocho’, and any other multi-syllabic word never ceases to entertain her. My mom quotes tv shows to me when I call her (because when doesn’t Gilmore Girls apply to every-day-life?) and we laugh and laugh and laugh. And if there’s ever anything word/book/byu/Provo related in the news that she thinks I would like to know about she sends a link to me. She is just great like that.

My mom lets me do cool things. She let me go to England. She let me (slash maybe forced me to) go to college. She let me learn to play the piano (and paid for it for lots and lots of years).

My mom has taught me lots of cool things. She taught me to read. She taught me to quilt. She taught me to crochet. She taught me to cross-stitch.

Face it: My mom is the best!

Happy Mother’s Day!


2 thoughts on “Mi madre: The coolest thing since sliced bread…well, maybe

  1. Please, write another blog about how great I am. I know you can find many more noteworthy things to share with the world about your AUS mom. You are adorable.

    And, thanks for remembering me on Mother’s Day!

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