You know you want it

Can we just appreciate this for a second? And by this, I mean I the fine item that is the fanny pack.

The fanny pack is a great thing for many, many reasons.

First, it is stylish. Who doesn’t want a fanny pack that looks this good?

Or this good?

Not only are the stylish, but they are useful. This of all the things you could put in a fanny pack: chapstick, cell phones, keys, wallets, medication, notepads, pens, straws, rape whistles, books, gum, candy, receipts, and coupons.  And they’re so compact, that you no longer have to worry about digging through a bulky purse or backpack.

Another great thing about the fanny pack: You don’t have to worry about leaving your purse somewhere (it’s attached to your waist!), you don’t have to worry about it sliding up and down your arm the way a purse does, and you don’t have to worry about being pickpocketed. Unless you’re carrying a giant bag that blocks your view of your fanny pack, you can see it (and anyone near it) at all times!

Finally, fanny packs, especially snazzy ones, make a great conversation starter–who doesn’t wonder about the girl (or boy) who walks around wearing a fanny pack? No one. You’ll instantly have a million new friends who will all start wanting to wear a fanny pack just like you.

See, fanny packs are great! You know you want one!


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