Only the good guys ride the bus…or were they the bad guys?

You know those dreams you have where you’re not really quite sure what is happening? Last night was one of those treasures.

First of all, in my dream, I was one of Harry Potter’s best friends. So inner-circle, that I was hanging out with Ron, Harry, and Hermione. I was feeling pretty cool.

I was just telling Harry what was what and that he should be nicer to his friends, you know, things that awake Liz would never really say to her best friends.

Because of how time works in dreams, suddenly, we were all supposed to be getting ready to fight the death eaters. And to do this we had to dress up like we were going to a fancy ball in the style of Disney Princess balls.  Everyone looked slightly ridiculous.

The next step of our battle was to load up on UTA busses. But, suddenly, I had a flash of inspiration: WHAT IF THE DEATH EATERS KNEW WE WERE GOING TO RIDE PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION???!!!???!!!

Of course, when I told Harry that, he laughed at me.  Told me it was totally unrealistic that the death eaters would know our plans. (Right….Because Harry Potter never ever has had that happen to him before?)

So we were waiting for the bus to come. When all of a sudden all of the UTA busses come at once! We’re surrounded! And out jump some people who take us hostage. And tell us to stay calm. And then make us get on the bus. As we drive away, they cheer for us to go get those death eaters.

But here’s the thing: This morning when I woke up, I was still so concerned about if they were good guys or bad guys. I mean, they held us hostage, and looked terrifying, but on the other hand, they cheered us on in our fight with the death eaters.

So, I’m not sure if good guys or bad guys ride the bus.

I just know I need to stop eating cereal before I go to bed.



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