Life lessons learned from West Side Story

Lately, I’ve been on a life lesson kick.  Nearly everything I read or see or experience in real life has some life lesson attached to it. For example. Get a bug bite? Life lesson: Wear bug spray or avoid nature.

Obviously, these are very important lessons to learn.

So, when I watched West Side Story (for the first time! {be proud!}) I picked up on some very important life lessons.

1. If you are in a city where the most threatening gang is full of male ballerinas, you really should be scared of them–even if your initial reaction is to mockthem heartily.. You never know which one could have the potential to become a killer.

2.  If you like a boy, and the boy likes you, don’t let him come play wedding party dress up in the bridal shop where you work. It makes your relationship way too intense way too fast.

3.  I’m pretty sure you could set West Side Story at BYU (and tweak it a bit so it’s not a racial thing, of course!) and it would fit right on in. (Also, maybe lose the Romeo and Juliet factor. I just mean speedy relationshipwise.)

4. Most importantly: If a boy comes to your apartment (and you’re a girl) and takes his shirt off: MAKE HIM LEAVE.  Danger zone, right there.

So, those are the life lessons I learned from West Side Story.


One thought on “Life lessons learned from West Side Story

  1. It really could be set at BYU! However the one thing about BYU is that you would have to include the speedy relationship factor, because, well it’s BYU… In fact I think Divine comedy captures it perfectly: Plan your first date, and the rest of eternity…

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