One more thing about riding the bus and then I’ll be done

Sorry. I’ll just start with an apology. I warned you in the title though–this is about the bus. Random sidenote: I’m sorry for apologizing. It’s one of my not favorite things when someone gets up to give a talk in church and begins their talk with “I’m not a very good public speaker, so just bear with me.”  I do not like that.

Moving on. Something I noticed this week: when I ride the bus, I feel like I am living in a soap opera.  Earlier this week, I heard two guys talking about how they were so excited to get their drivers licenses un-revoked. One of them hadn’t had his license for 4 years. And the other guy hadn’t had his license for 18 months. He was going to go buy a car. And then his whole life would fall into place.

The next day, there was a girl sitting in the back of the bus talking rather loudly into her phone. She was telling someone that her boyfriend was being so dumb. And then, she launched into how she was so confused because her boyfriend had been there for her since she came out the coma but now he was being so weird and such a jerk. What the heck boyfriend?

Later in the week, I got to hear how the people who run vocational rehab in American Fork and Provo are buttheads.  And someone’s friend had sent him a number telling him it was for the vocational rehab people but really it was some dirty phone hotline (if you know what I mean). and then he couldn’t figure out how to spell gullible.

Another night, I thought a creepo was going to follow me home. Some dude kept gesturing to me, but I wasn’t going to look at him for the life of me. So, I was freaking out instead, because I was legitimately concerned for my safety.

So there you have it. That’s how riding the bus in good old happy valley can be like a soap opera. And that’s the end of it because I have some great news! I bought a car! More coming on that later!


One thought on “One more thing about riding the bus and then I’ll be done

  1. So I’m sitting here in Brazil and randomly, through facebook, I rediscovered your blog. And this one made me laugh so hard, because it is so true! Riding the bus is always interesting! But I’m glad you have a car. Congratulations!

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