A contest of epic proportions

Recently, I reached a major milestone in my life. A rite of passage, if you will. A momentous occasion. A cause for celebration.

And, it has nothing to do with Harry Potter.

I did it; I bought my first car.

A 2006 Mitsubishi Lancer. White. No shark tail. See:

{This is not exactly my car, but my camera is currently mia, so it will have to do. The main difference between this guy and mine is that the back windows of mine are tinted.}

After what seemed like months of searching (really, it was only 1 month) I found it. The one. And, now it needs a name.

Here comes the part for you: I’m having a contest to name my new car.  (No, this is not how I’ll be naming my children, don’t worry.)
To start, we need a few rules. 1. Look at the picture. 2. Think of a name. 3. Comment with your name of choice for my car.

The lucky winner will receive an awesome prize: A box of Lucky Charms

Dream come true, right?

So, think about it. You have until July 27! Good luck!


5 thoughts on “A contest of epic proportions

  1. Liz. I’m so happy for you. Having a car will change your life. No more of that silly bus with the silly people in it!!

    Second, we need to catch up soon. I want to tell you all about my job!

    Third, you should name your car Chauncey. Or else Jeffrey Chaucer.

    That’s all.

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