You know you love it.

Fall is my favorite time of year for so many different reasons. September, October, November. My favorite 1/4 of the year. Something else I love is lists. So brace yourself for a giant love-fest, minus the kissing, of course.

Reason #1. Call me the biggest nerd in the universe, but I love school starting. (And around here, this usually happens pre-fall, but it means  fall is coming. Therefore, it counts as fall, and also, this is my list, so deal with it.)  I am really super awesomel, and I love school/office supplies. The smell of paper? Freshly sharpened pencils? Oh, loveliness and joy!

Reason #2.  I love the smell of Fall. It smells crisp, clear, cool. I love that.

Reason #3. Sweater weather is my favorite. When it’s cool enough to wear a sweater/cardigan, but not so cool that your teeth chatter with just that. (Curse you, winter!) I love layering.

Reason #4. General Conference. In case you missed it , you can totally watch it here. Highlights for me this year: Well, the Provo Templenacle, of course. How exciting is that? And I really liked Sister Thompson’s talk on Saturday morning about personal revelation. And pretty much every talk during conference. What’s not to love about modern-day Prophets talking to us?

Reason #5. Malt-O-Meal. Hot cereal is great. But you can’t eat it during summer because that is too much hotness.

Reason #6. Crunchy leaves. I love them. I may or may not go out of my way to step on leaves that look especially satisfyingly crunchy.

Reason #7. Have you seen the leaves in fall? Beautiful.

Reason #8. My birthday may or may not be in Fall.

Reason #9. Holiday kickoff. As a greeting card writer and general holiday celebrator, I love this time of year! There are so many different occasions to celebrate starting in the fall. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and then just an exciting explosion of holiday goodness.

Fall is great. And I love it.

That’s all.


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