It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood

One of the greatest things about being in college is having roommates. Unless they are trolls, but that’s another story.

Roommates mean you have (sort of) built in friends. Roommates are great because it means you don’t have to live alone (that would be creepy!) Roommates are great because they distract you from the awful homework assignments that you really don’t want to do anyway.

Outside of roommates, in an apartment complex you have all sorts of neighbors. And, oh, boy, are neighbors fun! When you live on the second floor, like I do, you have neighbors above you. And neighbors below you. And neighbors to your South, West, and Southwest. So fun.

But here’s the thing with being on the middle floor.

  1. You have to remember that there are people below you, so don’t jump up and down too much when you get excited.
  2. There are people above you.

Those are the two main things. Let’s dwell for a bit on Numero Dos.

The people above me…oh my. They’re super nice girls. I visit teach one of them, and really and truly, they are great. But by-golly! They are noisy (not to be confused with nosy) neighbors.

Here is an example: Once upon a time, the girls upstairs learned to play the guitar. Well, sort of. They learned one song on the guitar: “You Belong with Me” by good ol’ Taylor Swift.  These girls would, bless their hearts, develop that talent day in and day out. They’d practice in rain or shine, wind or hail, and at all hours of the day (and/or night). One night, my roommates and I had just watched Psych (WE LOVE PSYCH, fyi,) so it was after Midnight when I was going to bed, and all of a sudden, as I’m lying there in bed, I think I hear a song.

And not just any song, mind you. So I listened. I held really still, just like you do when you’re a little kid and you’re pretending to be asleep on Christmas Eve, and guess what song they’re playing?

You got it: You Belong with Me.

At 12:30 am.

Not okay.

If that were the only time I’d heard it, I’d laugh it off. I mean, really? How is that real life? But brace yourself for this.

A few Sundays later, when the weather was still beautiful, I was sitting on my couch with the windows wide open. When what to my wondering ears did I hear? (Not a miniature sleigh or eight tiny reindeer.)

You got it again: You Belong with me.

But this time, with revised words. They had made their own words to that song. To apply to their life.

They sang it 4 times. To an audience. And yes, there was applause.

Here’s the thing. I haven’t heard them sing that song for at least 2 weeks now. And I feel like my life isn’t really happening because I got so used to hearing it so many times per day for those first few weeks.

But wait—there’s more! (Just like an infomercial—I love infomercials!)

Other times, it sounds like they are re-arranging their entire apartment after 11 pm (or right now). And who knows, maybe that’s what they do to get good feng shui and it has to be done at specific times for the greatest effect. (What even if Feng Shui, anyway?)

So there you have it. The definite perks of living on the middle floor with great neighbors and roommates all around.

P.S. I am totally not a neighbor hater. Just clearing that up. The girls upstairs keep me pretty entertained or distracted while I try to figure out what the heck they are doing up there.


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