Amigurumi or Ugligurumi???

Once upon a time there was a girl called Liz who learned to crochet and she really really liked it.  She liked it so much that she made lots of stuff. (And by lots of stuff, she meant not really lots of stuff. But just wait. Pictures forthcoming.)

Liz especially loved to make amigurumi animals. {Amigurumi is when you crochet animals. Or other anthropomorphic creatures.} But sometimes they didn’t turn out so hot. (Elephants with lopsided legs and giraffes that look like dinosaurs. Cuhreepy. Sidenote: We gave those creepy ones to some boys who live in an apartment complex nearby.)

Well, Liz was invited to a super-fun-and-awesome Christmas party. Where there would be a white elephant gift exchange.

Liz decided it would be fun to make some ugly amigurumi animals for her white elephant gift, and thus Ugligurumi was born.

See. Pictures.



This little guy is one of my favorites. (P.S. Do you love my pillow case?)


But I also love this guy, too.



These are the ones for the white elephant party.

What is this? Yeah, I don't even know.

and another one.

Look! The ugligurumi are friends!

That’s what I love about Ugligurumi/Amigurumi. They’re totally island of misfit toys!





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