Because everyone needs another distraction during finals week:

Or, a post in which I am very strange. More so than normal.

There comes a time in every blogger’s life when he or she (in this case, she) can’t think of anything worthwhile to write about. Finals week does this to me every single time. I get so wrapped up in all the things I have to study, I can’t think of anything else until they’re done. So, that’s a problem.

But that’s where you guys come in! (Thank goodness for blogworld friends, right?) What do you want to hear about? You name it, I’ll write it. Or at least throw it into a random blogpost. (It’s like those talks in church when friends challenge the speaker to place certain keywords in their talk. Do you know what I’m talking about?) It will be fun!

But until I hear from you (you know, the whole four of you who read my blog), I’ll tell you some random but awesome things about me that you probably are just DYING to know.

1.  I write greeting card verse. Yeah. Just like 500 days of Summer. It’s super fun, and the company I work for just renewed my contract for another year.

2. Pretty much anything that comes out of my mouth after 11:17 pm is going to illustrate that I am insane. I apologize for that in advance. (Just ask my roommates, past and present.)

3. I’m fairly certain that I suffer from a genetic disorder that causes me to randomly burst out in song. (This may also be why I love High School Musical, but that’s another story.)

4. Smiling’s my favorite. (And so is Buddy the Elf.) And cutting out rainbow colored snowflakes. And crayons. I have lots of favorites.

5. I want to be a youth services librarian when I grow up–and hopefully I’ll start a master’s program for that next fall!

6. I’m a pro at hula hooping. I probably couldn’t beat any world records, and I don’t ever last for a super long time, but I love it!

7. I totally want to learn to play the accordion and the ukelele. (I mean, why not?)

8. Pink Lemonade Koolaid is pretty much the best drink ever. Especially if you have a straw.

9. If I see that it is 11:11, and I am with another human being, I will yell at them to make a wish until they do. And then I will wish. Wishing is also my favorite.

10. I don’t like to wear matching socks.

11. I’ve never broken a bone, but I have been to physical therapy and group counseling  (such important pieces of information, I know)

12. When I was little, I aspired to be a cashier at McDonalds, I named my dolls Queen Burrito and Candle, and I loved words.

There you have it: Lots of weird things about me. Sorry if you don’t want to be my friend anymore, I totally understand. 🙂

What are some unique (aka weird) things about you?


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