Winter is the worst ever.

Winter is the worst. The worst part about this post is that here in good ole Provo, it’s not even really winter. For pete’s sake, the high for today is supposed to be 48! It’s supposed to be 13 degrees in January, not nearly 50. Weird.

Moving on. Winter is the worst season. Winter is the worst semester. Winter is the worst everything ever. Since school has started (This next week will be week 3!), I’ve had zero motivation. No desire to do anything whatsoever.  If it would postpone my homework, I’m pretty sure you could get me to do anything–eat brussel sprouts, sing karaoke, go fly fishing. For reals. It doesn’t help anything that I know that in less that 4 months (eek!) I graduate; I have senioritis officially. Problem.

If it’s not snowing (which it currently is not, but hopefully it will soon!) Winter is dang ugly. The grass is tan. Trees are dead. There aren’t any flowers. The sky is full of smog. Ick.

I hate winter.

Also, winter is melting my brain. Since I’m willing to do anything that isn’t homework, I find myself thinking about not normal things, and even going as far as discussing them.

For example:

If you wanted to fill a pool with pudding, what could you do to it so that it would stay cold and you could still eat it while playing in it?

Did you know that there are a whole bunch of different serial killers?

Funny Spaghetti. Yeah, that’s a phrase in my apartment now. Also, what the heck is a sticky wicket?

Yesterday I spent my entire morning (after going to Wal-mart, of course) figuring out how much grad school would cost.  Ready for this: 89, 000 or 72, 000 or 24, 000. Holy smokes.

Conclusion: I am a strange-o. And winter is the worst thing ever.


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