You remember that scene in Mulan, where Shang interrogates Mulan about her name, after she causes the fight that spills all the rice? And after a few minutes she tells him that her name is Ping. Then she spits, and her saliva just kind of hangs there, all nasty-like.

Well, I always assumed I probably wouldn’t be much better at spitting to show off.  I mean, I’ve never really practiced that sort of skill. And by never really practiced, I mean I have actually never practiced.

Well, this week I proved that hypothesis wrong.

Spoiler Alert: This gets a tad gross. Not too gross, but a tad gross.

Having the good dental hygiene that I do, I was rinsing my mouth out with mouthwash after brushing AND flossing. I spit my mouthwash out with so much oomph that it splashed back into my eyes. (That hurts, for the record.)

Take that Ping! Or Mulan!

(And if I go blind in the future, it may be safe to assume that this may have been a factor….)


One thought on “Mulan

  1. Great way to tell us what your favorite scene from Mulan ever I have to say amazing post I wish I was writing a blog about what is happening in my life!

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