Big News!

Well, it’s official: My three grad school applications are in, and now I just have to wait.  Because, oh wait, I want to be  youth services librarian. (And before you ask, yes, that does, in fact, require a master’s degree.)

For the record, I hate waiting a lot.

You know that one book  that says “I love you to the moon and back”? (It’s called Guess How Much I Love You I think.)  Well, that’s how I feel about waiting. Only change the love to hate, and change the moon to the sun.  (That makes the distance a whole lot further. As in, 92,734,424.6 miles further.)

If you get a chance to wish–for example, you see a shooting star, or it’s 11:11, or you find a 4-leaf clover–and you can’t think of anything to wish for, do you think you could send some wishes my way about this whole grad school thing? I would greatly appreciate it.  You’d get extra blessings for it, I’m pretty sure. (Sounds like a good deal to me!)


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