It’s the little things

Tonight was just like most other Saturday nights–I needed groceries, and I needed ’em bad. (Just like Old Mother Hubbard, my cupboard was bare. I had a bag of marshmallow mateys and some cups of noodles: not quite the breakfast of champions.) So, like any good apartment would do, we circled the wagons (why is that a phrase?) and loaded up to go to the grocery store.

And we got lost on our way to Smith’s. (Love you anonymous roommate #1.) Impressive, right?

Like some of the other times we’ve been to Smith’s, it was a pretty uneventful trip. Except for this fact–JIFFY MUFFIN MIX IS A RIP-OFF THERE! DO NOT BUY IT!

But other than that, nothing special happened. Until I was checking out at the register. You know what I love about Smith’s? The totally awesome way that  it takes your discounts off and voila–you saved big bucks! The nice cashier man (Tui, was his name I think) handed my receipt and a coupon! In my head, I exclaimed WHAT? I GET A COUPON?! THIS IS AN AWESOME DAY! (in capital letters and italics. It was a very dramatic moment in my head, what can I say?)


But then I didn’t look at it. I shoved it in my purse with my receipt–which I needed for the budget I’m keeping in my family finance class (which is super great, for the record) and left.  Then later, I pulled my receipt out of my purse and remembered I had a coupon. In the past when I’ve gotten a coupon it’s been for something I don’t really use–like a 7000 piece package of chicken, or a giant package of frozen broccoli. I pulled it out, expecting something lame like that, but no!

Guess what it was a coupon for?

Have you guessed yet?

Okay, I’ll just tell you: It was a coupon for the NEW Lactose Free Yogurt from Yoplait. A buy one get one free coupon, no less. In case you didn’t know, I’m lactose intolerant–so pretty much this coupon is a dream come true. I still kind of feel like I’m one of the kiddoes who found a golden ticket in their candy bar and now I’m going to go meet Willy Wonka and life is going to be magical because Willy Wonka is Johnny Depp and not Gene Wilder and therefore only creepy in an adorable Johnny Depp creepy way.

I can hardly wait to use my coupon. This yogurt better be good.


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