Is it completely irresponsible to base my grad school decision off of which school gave me a free pen?

I’m kidding.


In other news, here’s a list of the biggest concerns in my life at this moment:

1. What if the Mayan calendar didn’t take leap years into account and the world is actually going to end way sooner that December?

2.  Is it bad if I prioritize FamilySearch Indexing over sleep? (Try it people, it’s seriously more addicting than Robot Unicorn Attack!)

3.  Psych (on in 16 minutes) had better be good. I’ve been waiting 2 months for this, people.  Gus better find some love this half-season–he’s earned it, if you ask me.

4. To use “totes” or not to use “totes”? That is the question.

5. The deep-pondering, soul-abiding question of the week: Why is Lactose-Free yogurt a thing? I mean, as far as I can tell, non-lactose free yogurt (aka: normal yogurt) is supposedly lactose free.  This is confusing to me.

6. Why is August not the 9th month? I always think August is the 9th month. Does anyone else suffer from this struggle?

7. Why is leap day not more of a priority in our lives? There are no leap day carols, no festive meals, no decorations.  We need these things, people!

I obviously worry about really important things. Thoughts? Feelings? Impressions? What say ye?


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