Another Cinderella Story

Today, I had to leave one of my classes early for a job interview.

It was a big class in an auditorium in the JKB, and rather than climb over people, I opted to sit on the floor.  Well, the time came for me to leave class. I went to stand up and my foot was asleep. So asleep that I was afraid I was going to trip as I stood up. (I hate that feeling, by the way.)

So, I gingerly limped out of the classroom, hoping not to disturb too many people around me. Well, I got halfway down the hall when I realized something was weird about my foot.

I looked down and saw it:

I was only wearing one shoe. 

I went back to go get it, and no one in the area even smiled that I had left one of my shoes behind.


To say the least, today was just one of those days.



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