Is this real life?

For your reading pleasure: An example of why I love boys, people in general, and BYU (in that order).

Boy 1: “What’s more manly than a campfire? Nothing.”

Boy 2: “. . . Blood.”

Boy 1: “. . . That’s debatable.”

5 second pause.

Boy 1: “Are you bleeding? You smell like you’re bleeding…”

Boy 2: “Oh, that’s my new cologne.”

2 second pause

Boy 1: “Seriously, campfires are manly. Gasoline, blood, and campfires.”

I love conversation snippets! Getting to class 2 minutes early definitely has its benefits.

What are some of your favorite overheard conversations? 


4 thoughts on “Is this real life?

    • Right? I could never really decide if they were joking about the cologne, but either way it made me giggle a little bit. Blood-scented cologne definitely reminded me of Hunger Games and definitely creeped me out. 🙂

  1. Oh, boy. I’ve been keeping a random quote journal since I was a freshman at BYU, so I’ve got all sorts of overheard conversations and professors being random to choose from. One of my recent favorites went like this:

    *Coworker #1 (whom I grew up with), Coworker #2, and I are discussing a particularly memorable year of Girls’ Camp.*

    “That was the year [our mutual friend] brought all her makeup AND her hair dryer to camp.” –Coworker #1.

    “WHY did she bring her hair dryer?” –me, incredulous.

    “Just in case the bears cared, right?” –Coworker #2.

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