“Thus began our longest journey together.”

Name that book, I dare you.  That’s how I feel about finals week–it’s a seemingly endless journey.

So, it’s finals week around here. Stress and sugar levels are rising and sleep levels are dropping.

Fun fact: I graduate from college in one week.  And, you know what, I’m going to miss this place.  I won’t necessarily miss everything–I definitely won’t miss the testing center, or the EFY-ers everywhere, or nearly getting run over every day when I cross the street–but I will miss other things.

I will miss the HBLL and all of it’s kajillions of miles of books.

I will miss the JKB and its labyrinthine hallways.

I will miss the familiar sight of this sign: 

I’ll miss the acronyms: the DTRs, the NCMOs, the SWKT, and the JFSB.

I’ll miss the bell-tower and the assorted tunes played there.

I’ll miss Special Collections and pretending I’m way cooler than I actually am because my job requires card access.

Fun fact: BYU’s been good to me. I’ve learned a lot, changed a lot (for the better or the worse…), made new friends, tried new things, and had a good ole time.

Happy Finals week to you–may the odds be ever in your favor! (Let’s see how many different scenarios I can apply that phrase to.)


3 thoughts on ““Thus began our longest journey together.”

  1. In less than one week my oldest daughter will become a full-fledged, card-carrying college graduate. Without becoming sentimental, may I just say, “Where did the last 4 years go?” No;
    forget that. “Where did the last 22 years go?!”

    My mature and ambitious daughter should still be wearing pigtails (oh, wait–she does still wear pigtails) but she has stopped carrying her doll Candle and no longer calls herself Queen Burrito when she plays house.

    She now articulately discusses books and ideas, can get along with anyone, drives her very own car wherever she wants to go, and takes trips to Europe all by herself.

    • She has always been there for me when I need her so I want to congratulate her on her college graduate I hope her future will be bright

  2. I’m reading that book right now for book club! And just read that quote. It was such a good book! Congratulations on your graduation. I’m excited for you! I still think and miss BYU. Good thing we live close enough to it that we can visit the campus. 🙂

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