Crater by Homer Hickam

So, remember back when it was a really fun thing to follow this blog for book reviews? Well, here’s the first one!

Crater by Homer Hickam


Crater tells the story of teenage Crater Truebloood, an orphan living on the moon. On the moon, society mines for helium-3, the main source of energy. One day, Crater is called in by Colonel Medaris (who happens to have a charming daughter just Crater’s age) to complete a mission that, so far, 2 people have failed at. The mission is secret–Crater only knows that he has to bring something back to the Colonel.  While Crater tries to complete this mission, he also has to deal with finding out who he is and where he stands in regards to the issues that plague the Moon.

Okay, first of all: Homer Hickam. Yes.  Have you seen the movie October Sky? Well, Homer Hickam wrote the book it was based off of–Rocket Boys. To learn more about him, check out his website here.

Now that’s out of the way.  Honestly, I thought the story was a little bit too technical. Every time I’d get engrossed in the story, the storyline would be cut off suddenly to explain some technical process that I felt could have been left out.  On that same note, I felt like a lot of the actions or thoughts or emotions of Crater were told rather than shown. It would have been a more enjoyable read if we had gotten to see Crater being angry instead of it being explained to us.  There were also a few times that I felt like social issues of today were just thrown at the reader unnecessarily and then just changed subjects after being brought up.

Crater was the only character that I liked–because a lot of the other characters kind of just fell flat–it felt like they could have been developed a little bit more.  Also, if you can work with a little bit of unbelievability, this story might work for you.

Overall, once I got used to Hickam’s style, I liked it. I think I’d recommend it to 14-15 year old boys who like the Star Wars-esque type of thing.  There’s action, adventure, outer space, romance, and self-identity, all thrown into a good read.

3 stars (based on the goodreads review system)

So there you have it, my first official book review!


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