I’ve been drinking the haterade.

You know those weeks when you realize that you hate weird things? Or the weeks that everything happens that you hate?

Well, it was definitely one of those weeks. So, lucky for all us, I love to make lists. And, so, I introduce:

A list of things that I hate

  1. People who spit in public places. Like, when I’m standing next to you at the bus stop on a windy day.
  2. Having sawdust in my eye.
  3. Getting my hand stuck in the ceiling for 13 seconds.
  4. Crusty, rock hard tortillas
  5. People who talk loud on the phone while we’re stuck in traffic on the bus. Fun fact: I don’t care about the accomplishments and day-to-day bickerings of your children, and I would venture to guess that whomever you’re telling all these things to doesn’t care either.
  6. People who hit you with their elbow while they’re typing and you’re sleeping, also on the bus.
  7. The phrase: significant others.
  8. Christian Fiction.  Always and forever.
  9. Broken kitchen appliances, including but not limited to, dishwashers, microwaves, can openers, and cupboard doors.
  10. Road construction and the sight of traffic cones. (This makes me SO ANGRY!)
  11. War movie marathons (Happy Memorial Day to you!)
  12. Flooded basements–especially the smell.
  13. Cold rain in MAY!!!!!!!!
  14. Having to wash syrup off plates.

What are some things that you hate?


One thought on “Haterade

  1. Some of the “Haterade” is from riding the bus it sounds like, but it’s still worth it to not have to drive yourself and find a parking place.
    I hate having to always have laundry/dishes to do…cleaning in general.

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