What the heck, Downton Abbey?!?

I’m know I’m a little late to the ballgame, but hear me out, please. I have 2 words for you (and a whole lot of other thoughts, feelings, and impressions, of course): Downton Abbey.

Oh. My. Heck.

My mom and I finished watching the second season last week, and I am still thinking about it. So, it’s either really that good, or I’m slightly obsessed….or possibly a little of both.

There will be spoilers ahead, without any further warning. I’m sorry.

One of the things I loved about the show is England.  Why is England so pretty? And why are accents so great?  Nerd time: I love the different accents of the different characters–especially between all the different servants.  They’re just so fun.  And, plus, after watching a couple of episodes, it’s really super hard to not attempt to sound British.

I also love the characters.  Way too much.  They’re amazingly well done.  Even the characters I hate (Thomas. Sir Richard Carlisle. Matthew’s Mother. The red-haired maid with the baby. Who’s with me?) are still likeable–if by likeable you mean enjoyable to hate. On top of all the characters just existing, a lot of  them have side stories, which of course intertwine. (That gets tricky.) I’m not  a big fan of when a story starts, a couple of episodes happen, and teh the story doesn’t get wrapped up.

Um…yeah. Mr. Bates? Innocent? Guilty? Framed? What?

Then, there’s the whole emotional rollercoaster factor.  It’s all over the place. And then, once you’re done, you can’t decide if you liked it or not.  (Mary and Matthew? Thoughts? Feelings? Impressions?) I’ve spent days worrying about Anna and Mr. Bates (what’s his first name?), days wondering what’s to become of Edith, Sybil and Branson, and William’s Dad, and days feeling sorry for Daisy (She’s definitely my favorite.)

And, now that it’s over, I can’t help but wonder what historical and political turmoil season 3 (January 2013–SO FAR AWAY!!!!) will befall the Crawley family, even though they’ve already been through so much–the sinking of the Titanic, World War 1, the Spanish Influenza epidemic, and so on.  Insanity.


Sybil and Branson finally getting together. Oh. My. Gosh. It took them long enough.

Gran.  I just love her.

Daisy. (I just feel so bad for her in the whole William situation, you know.)

Everything. Ever. Yes.

P.S. Is O’Brien a good guy or a bad guy? I cannot decide for the life of me.


One thought on “What the heck, Downton Abbey?!?

  1. I’m sure you are giddy with anticipation over my thoughts for the coming season but first may I say, “Mary? How dense are you? When you picked up Sir Richard Carlisle did you look any further than his money, status, and power? When you confided to him your less than stellar past, did you not think for just a glimmer of a moment that he might use it against you? Or worse yet, against your family?”

    No, you did not. Sir Richard was an easy to way gnaw at Matthew in his new-found happiness and make yourself not look foolish for pining over someone you once turned down.

    Edith used to be my least favorite sister but I do believe it has become you—you selfish, selfish girl.

    No matter what happiness you could find with Matthew, Sir Richard is going to ruin it. He is going to ruin you, your reputation (which shouldn’t be too difficult since it’s hanging by its fingernails anyway) and he is going to ruin your family. I’m afraid all too soon Sir Richard Carlisle will be the new master of Downton Abbey.

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