Hogwarts: a mystery

Or, Working for the Church: An Expose. 🙂

I had no idea when I was hired to work for the Church History Library in downtown Salt Lake, that I would, in fact be working for the Ministry of Magic.

It’s tricky, see.  It’s one of those unspoken secrets that everyone knows, but no one acknowledges.  The hippogriff in the room, if you will.

But seriously.  It’s pure magic day in and day out.

To get to work, I take the bus–not quite the Knight bus, but pretty darn similar. How we get into the carpool lane somedays, I do not understand. Or how we make it from Salt Lake to Thanksgiving Point in 30 minutes.

However, that will all change when I get to start taking the Hogwarts Express (aka: Frontrunner, purely for confusing the muggles) in December.  And, it’s going to be a DOUBLE DECKER TRAIN. <EXTREME SQUEAL!!!!>

Personally, I work for Madame Pince in the restricted section of the library. Because I am the coolest, obviously. Don’t worry, I haven’t had any books bite, poison, or hex me yet.  Plus, we house all the artifacts that were once horcruxes, and the artifacts important to the foundation of the wizarding world. The collection is quite extensive.

There’s a troll in the dungeon. Thought you ought to know.

Remember the death chamber/veil in the department of mysteries? Yeah, there’s one in downtown SLC. When you walk into the Church Office Building, there’s a opaque wall that voices always echo from behind, but I never see anyone there.

We have the great hall where we can eat food prepared by people, not house-elves. Or we can take a quick vacation over to City Creek, which I think is highly similar to Hogsmeade.

There are secret tunnels leading to the darndest places; moving bookcases, rather than staircases; doors that only certain people (who know the password, of course!) can enter; and plenty of pictures of past prophets all around (keeping watch on the world of today, naturally.)

Every day, I get to to push through a wall, until I enter the world on the other side.  (The muggles keep referring to it as a revolving door.)

All in all, working for the Church is an all around magical experience.


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