In which I am a freak and a bookworm

My entire life I’ve wanted to be a children’s librarian, but I didn’t know it until a couple of years ago.  Until fairly recently, I knew the things I loved: books and helping people. Everyone told me to find something to study in college that would lead to a career that I loved. 

Finally, I realized that would be a degree in Library Science with an emphasis in youth services.  I have always loved children’s, middle grade, and young adult books, and I love the audiences that these books are written for.  Naturally, it was a perfect match.

In the 4th grade, I had a burning love for the Harry Potter Series. I read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone 81 times while I waited to get my hands on Chamber of Secrets (I’m a freak, I accept this). It was all I read about, talked about, and dreamed about. While living in my small town, I very much lived at Hogwarts. I was obsessed.

For some unfathomable reason, I felt personally responsible for helping my classmates find pure joy through the wizarding world of Harry Potter.  I recommended it to all of my classmates, family, and friends. In the middle of that school year, my family moved. I never knew if my friends had come to share that love for Harry Potter that I had wanted for them. 

After I devoured the entire Harry Potter series, I moved on. I tried out different kinds of books and loved them equally as much.

Years later, when I was a senior in high school, I ran into one of the boys from my fourth grade class. We hadn’t talked to each other since the fourth grade, and I didn’t expect him to remember me at all. He called my name across the crowded hallway, and I expected a friendly hello.

After our initial shock at meeting up so many years later and the basic conversational items of reacquainting were finished, he informed me that because I had loved Harry Potter so much and wanted everyone else around me to love it too, he had decided to give it a try. He credited me for getting him excited about reading. 

Ever since then, I have wanted to have that same impact on other people. As a librarian, I can do this. Pretty much, there’s no stopping me.  And I am so excited!


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