Olympic Crush–ooh la la

On the second day of the Olympics, my mother announced to me that she’d found my Olympic Crush for 2012.  And then she handed me a newspaper.

She even had reasons for him to be my Olympic crush, the first and foremost being that he had just beat Michael Phelps. (We’re not big Michael Phelps fans around here. And I think his ears are weird, as shallow as that is.)

And, come on. Have you seen this guy?



But then, after some more swim races (or maybe just after his races ended…I’m not sure which) my mother changed her mind.

I know, right? How do you just do that to a girl?

Suddenly, the male gymnasts were competing left and right. We watched some of their events, but not too many.

One day while at work, I received this email.

“You are so over Ryan Lochthe.
You will find your new Olympic Crush here:
And he is only 26.  All you have to do is learn Dutch.”

That’s my mother for you.

But back to Epke Zonderland. 1. Zonderland is a last name I would willingly take on. For reals–it’s pretty wonderful. 2. DO YOU SEE HIS HAIR?!?! Pure magic, right there. Yes.

Aren’t the Olympics fabulous? What’s been your favorite event? Who is your Olympic Crush?


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