Learning independently and codependently

Once I had chosen an online program, I started to hear all the horror stories that come from people who didn’t have the skills necessary to be 100% successful.

I heard things like:

“You have to be really self-motivated to do that.” “Oh boy, I hope you’re not a procrastinator.” “Good luck with that, online classes suck.”

Optimistic views, right?

Honestly, I didn’t think I’d have much of a problem. I rock at time management. (I say that humbly, of course!)

But groupwork. Oh, groupwork.

Group work has never really been my thing.

I hated trying to arrange a time for people to meet.

I hated choosing groups.

I hated trying to address issues the group was having.

And honestly, it terrified me.

Group work in an online setting was one of the biggest things that I worried about in regards to choosing an online program.

I attended a collaborate orientation setting last night, and group work seemed a little less intimidating. I really liked Dr. Haycock’s acronym to successful group performance:

Relationship and Communication
Optimal Performance
Recognition and Appreciation

For me, the opposites of these 7 things make up why I never really like group work. However, knowing these things, I can change my attitudes and behaviors while working in a group.

In Enid’s presentation, the quote from Dr. Phil stood out– “People are either contributors or they are destroyers.” In all aspects of life, I agree with this. If you’re not bringing something to the table, you’re only taking from it. Uncalled for.

Now that I’ve learned a little more about the skills necessary to be successful in the SLIS program at SJSU, I feel like I have a better handle on things. I’m not as panicky about classes starting next week.

And I definitely can’t wait to make this planner!


One thought on “Learning independently and codependently

  1. I’m excited to hear more about your experiences with an online program. I didn’t think I’d have the motivation/non-procrastinator-ness to be successful in one, but every once in a while I wish my program had more online options.

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