Fun facts

Fun fact #1 : Either Elder Perry or an Elder Perry look-alike held the door open for me at work a few weeks back.  But, I’m still not sure.

Fun fact #2:  True story: My Young Single Adult ward was mistaken for Bikers Against Child Abuse while we were in Moab. We were seated in the bar section of the restaurant.  (Don’t worry, we got that sorted out pretty darn quick.)

Fun Fact #3: Holy smokes that fall is here.  How did that happen? Where did my snowconey summer of goodness go?

Fun Fact #4: I got to tour the Frontrunner train that’s coming to Utah county and it is seriously so cool.  Wi-fi. Tables. Indoor bike racks. DOUBLE-DECKER. Bathrooms.  FAST. FAST. FAST.

Short and sweet–but that’s all I got.


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