The Trouble with Cowboys

Just like  her favorite literary character, Elizabeth Bennett, Annie Wilkerson is looking for love in all the wrong places–or in all the wrong characteristics. She thinks she wants someone steady. She wants someone consistent. She wants someone who can provide for her. And she for sure, doesn’t want a cowboy.

Or, at least that’s what she thinks.

Enter Dylan Taylor, the Mr. Darcy of Moose Creek, Montana.

Is it Pride or is it Prejudice keeping them from finally getting together?

In a cute and fun romance novel (completely clean and 168% Christian), Annie and Dylan are super-super likeable characters.  They’re funny, likeable, and mostly realistic (some of the things they said just sounded so fake!). For a 24-year-old, Annie’s had a rough life, but really, who hasn’t? She’s doing the best with the lemons life has handed her.

It’s a quick read, and totally clean (yay for clean love stories!) My only complaint was that Annie prayed WAY too much. Good for her for praying so often, but I didn’t really care to read all of her prayers, you know?  Plus, Dylan’s a perfect dreamboat. And a cowboy.  And absolutely delightful.

More or less, it’s Pride and Prejudice in modern day Montana–cowboys and cell phones included. So, if you’re into that sort of thing, you’ll probably be all over this book. (For reals, I read it all today.  In like 2 1/2 hours.)

*Disclaimer: I got this book for free to review–but I don’t have to give it a positive review.


Here’s the thing, I did anyway!


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